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Jim Hunt

Meanwhile it seems that there are those who should know better who still claim that they have:

No idea what to make of it.

DMIGate Skulduggery In a Nutshell

Make sure to click through the "Judith Curry" link at the bottom.


There is also an english version of the permafrost animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxixy1u8GjY

John Garland

Nit picky, but 40 kilotonnes is closer to 90,000 pounds than 80,000. 88,000 to be more exact. That's quite a load!


40,000 kg was the limit. The truck may have been below the limit.

The fuel that it was carrying was probably less dense than water, so maybe the truck would have floated. The fuel has been drained now.


I was on an ice road in southern British Columbia, Canada once, but that road was for only light vehicles.


So, ...the ice in question was not 365-plus days old?

(Pardon me, I'm from 'straya mate!!)


Dea D_C_S: give me the petrol and the pipe now!


Annual ice. A few years back one of the Swedish road creating trucks that makes the roads on the Baltic Ocean ice went straight through. Not that it hit the news outside of Sweden much, I just happened to be there.

There has also been a marked change in the way that snowmobiles are used on lakes after many breakthrough accidents in the early or late season. Simple indications of a changing climate but, of course, people adjusted so others assumed it was no longer an issue. As in Global Warming wasn't or had stopped.

It is somewhat surreal though that it was a heating fuel truck...


My daughter works for Western Star in Portland, OR. Western Star has a truck plant in Canada too, so the odds it was made in Portland are low. Nevertheless, she has been showing the photo around. It was at least a point of interest.

So, Neven, thanks for the post. It made my day.

Bill Fothergill

I suppose that tanker could be described as "having reached a tipping point".




"Did they save the truck for future generations?"... groan!

(Not as good but I tried to keep up with the pace!)


My daughter said that that truck was "indeed built in Portland, Oregon" and that even a Bill said, 'reached tipping point,' it still "looked pretty good and hoped that somebody pulled it out before it sank completely."


DAWSON CITY ICE BRIDGE CLOSING RECORD EARLY: The ice bridge over Yukon River at Dawson City in Canada is closing today after Dawson City's record warmest winter. The previous record earliest-in-the-year closing of it was on April 3, 1999. Dawson City was the capitol of Yukon Territory from 1898 to 1952


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