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Bill Fothergill

Oops, it would appear that with advancing years, my ability to read programming schedules has become just about as bad as my ability to run.

"Before the Flood" will air globally on the 30th October, but National Geographic will also be making it available to watch for free on platforms such as YouTube.



wrong on all counts, I'm afraid:

- A steep drop in AAE is more easily attained in Aug/Sept, where the remaining ice is very vulnerable to wind action
- The steep drop for 2007 AAE continuing in October only happened due to high SIE increase in Oct. 2006
- Since SIE currently is higher than 2007, and 2015 SIE did not catch up with 2006 SIE before Nov., there is virtually zero possibility for the 2016 AAE drop to mirror that seen in 2007.

And yet, mirroring of 2007 plunge is *exactly* what we see, or at least no other year than 2007 can match the devastating 2016 fall–to–winter plunge.

Click for full size.

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