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Sourabh Jain

Thanks Neven for the post.

One benefit of such drastic changes is that you no longer have any difficulties in reading such charts,as every year is competing to become an outlier.

I remember that last year too the FDD chart looked very similar and it felt like 2016 was way off. But, now when compared to 2016-2017, it feels like 2015-2016 was not "abnormal".

Jim Hunt

Thanks for the comprehensive update Neven. Here's my somewhat more idiosyncratic take on the same story from yesterday:

Facts About the Arctic in February 2017

Meanwhile yet more anomalously warm air is entering the Arctic Basin from both the Pacific and Atlantic sides.

Only marginally off topic, your readers may also be interested in this morning's "Shock News!":

Climategate 2 Falls at the First Hurdle?

We’ll have much more to say on this controversy in the context of our “Alternative Facts” investigation in due course, but for the moment at least it looks to us as though the nth iteration of “Climategate 2” barely made it out of the starting gate. However Mr. Rose’s loyal army of “rebloggers, retweeters, plagiarisers and other assorted acolytes” and that “Republican-led House science committee” may of course have other ideas?