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Artful Dodger

Hi Sam,

Congrats on your first post on the ASI blog! Keep up the good work in Tuk, and make sure to "get the t-shirt" ;^)


Jim Hunt

See also the Arctic Coastal Change thread over on the forum.

I Ballantinegray1

Hi Sam! GW here! I'd wondered where our weekly data updates had gone.... I'd expected you'd taken a nice summer hol but this is something else!!!
It is so nice to see you progressing in your choice of career and not just stuck keyboard warrioring like myself ( not that I'm able to take the rigours you're putting yourself through any more.....my excuse and i'll stick to it ta!). you are an inspiration to all of us on the sites you post on!!!
Ahd Mor !!!

Kevin McKinney

Most unexpected bit:

"Surrounding Tuk are countless bays, inlets, and lakes, with sea surface temperatures resembling those of more Mediterranean climates thanks to the long daylight hours and shallow coastal shelf."


Should have expected it, I suppose--that's why most people with summer cottages in the Sault Ste. Marie of my boyhood had built them on Batchewana Bay, as opposed to some less sheltered bit of Lake Superior! And they only get something like 15 hours of sun at midsummer.

Susan Anderson

This is wonderful. I hope there will be time to add to it, but I believe we will happily wait for updates. Nothing like real reports from the ground.

I only recently appreciated that when the sun doesn't go down it gets pretty hot in summer!

Thank you. I've been over to the forum and will try to keep up with that as well.


Wanted to say many thanks for your blog and the work you do. I check in all the time looking for new info on what's happening in the arctic - also I've been up that way in 1978 working on an oil rig (tearing one down) and the planes that go up there are always loaded just like in the pic! And I've dipped my feet in that ocean just to say I did and while the water was warm the bottom was slimy, very slimy.

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