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Great summary as usual overall. One quibble, though:

"Not enough Antarctic sea ice melted to clinch the global sea ice record (coming in second lowest on record), "

Did you mean the area record specifically here?

Also, one point that I'd like to make regarding dodging bullets is that we don't have nearly as much northern hemisphere snow cover this year as last. Could help swing the difference.


You're right, that's not very clear. I've changed it into:

Not enough Antarctic sea ice melted to clinch the lowest Antarctic sea ice minimum record (coming in second lowest 'only'), and so the decisive nudge was given by the sea ice in the Arctic, refusing to freeze along some of the edges, most notably in the Bering Sea.

Ah, great - thank you for that!

Robert S

Great summary of the ongoing adventure into the unprecedented and unknown.



Today's example shows CAA coastal sea ice is in tatters, it does not have the gravitas to vanish out tidal of cyclonic footprints in a matter of days. It is also a terrible year to go to the North Pole by way of land...


If True, rain in Spain and Moroccan Sahara....


preceding post a follow up for latest post. "talk about precedented"

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