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Well cited Neven

But you can do her a favor by showing sea ice morphology, although there is a fair bit more extent now, 2018 layout is very similar to 2012, but since Sandy was in November (a fair bit more sea ice than at 2012 minima), in other words , Florence crashing to land instead of sea and Sandy were partly made from the same sea ice geography. And of course I made such a hurricane prediction in the most unread correct projection in the world :)...


Kevin McKinney

Thanks, Neven. Shared.

On another topic, interesting that we're not yet clearly at the annual minimum. Not unprecedented, I know, but still relatively late arriving. I for one continue to watch with interest.

Kevin McKinney

FWIW, and as an actual, real live, South Carolinian, I suppose I should note that the flooding in the Pee Dee region continues, and in fact has worsened in some places (notably, Georgetown, SC)--though the latest forecasts now call for it to be 'less worse'.


The Waccamaw River smashed its flood record by about 3 feet, so 'unprecedented' is merited for that river. New Berne was trashed early on, and Conway--on the Waccama--is currently being seriously affected. More on Conway:


It's another historic disaster for SC, in addition to the 2015 floods (Hurricane Joaquin played a role) and Matthew (2016). Irma (2017) also had some significant impacts, including 5 fatalities, so we've taken a hit every year since 2015.

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