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Working again, great!


Hi Neven

I thought your site was possessed by some evil pollution loving oligark apparatchik, is good to continue....

OK while this blog was possessed, there has been a major seismic shift in Arctic circulation, likely affecting all in the Northern Hemisphere:


The old meteorology way of seeing things never really cared about the presence or not of sea ice, since there was always plenty of it. But now massive presence of more open water and thinner sea ice literally shifts
where the smaller in size Polar Vortex will be....


When it comes to sea ice we usually think it involves us poor Arctic dwellers enjoying more heat, while that is true, there are those who do not enjoy too much of a good thing:


While Alaskan Inupiat struggle, so are their fellow countrymen well further to the South, California fires are so tragic, especially since I like most Californians! Not all of them, a few believe in the coming ice age...


We look here at wider implications of lack of sea ice, we should remember the great paleo discoveries, remember that the Sahara region was once not what it is now, and that we can make new Saharas far more quickly if we sleep ourselves in doing nothing about AGW.

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