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Thanks for the update! I've been checking this site daily for a while to see when the update would come. Glad to see this year continues to be good for ice making.


What a thrilling post: it was worth the wait ;>


cool graph Neven

Cryosat may not worry too much about snow cover North of Greenland, I don't think there was any as much as preceding 3 seasons, the circulation of cyclones was blocked most of winter to date:


The Cryosat thicker sea ice gains North of Greenland and Ellesmere Island seem realistic, equally so the loss of accretion over Beaufort sea area. Which I have been observing indirectly since the start of winter. Word of caution if cryosat animation is correct, as it seems so, there was a lot of open water in the area appearing to have gains. There was , for those who read this site, a lot of open water where never there was, this open water made out to be very thin sea ice eventually surrounded by multiyear packs. One would think , the adjoining surrounding multiyear may accelerate the accretion of the thinner, but that is unlikely, the thinner has more warm sea water under it because of the multiyear thicker insulation, expect the North of Ellesmere and Greenland waters to return, despite favorable weather conditions for freezing. This means that PIOMAS is overall correct in estimating thinner over all sea ice in the same area. Both PIOMAS and Cryosat are in agreement there.


You can use your mouse pointer and determine whether the jet stream "moves Arctic air" or the coldest atmosphere creates the jet stream:


Is much better to state: The reason why there is more frequent extreme weather events is because the coldest atmosphere areas are shrinking...... Than to say it is because of the jet stream moving things around.

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