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FishOutofWater here -

Unfortunately, the volume anomaly in the Barents sea has started to melt out in Worldview images. Likewise, the Kara sea ice is rapidly melting and blowing out while winds are blowing Atlantic water into the southwestern side of the Kara sea.


DMI temp has me very worried... that and the anomaly graphs: let alone what Neven just said!

Should I be freaking out about now or is everything fine?


Somewhere in between, AJbT. But hope for some weather that's good for the ice.

Robert S

All that open water from the Bering to the CAA, plus clear skies, will certainly mean a lot of heat going into the water at this time of year. We can watch for melt ponds above, but we really need better data on the "melt ponds below".


Robert S, how does the untrained eyespot meltponds from above: can we see them on worldview?


Here are some of the strands of evidence, AJbT.


The last image is about the worst indicator I've seen for volume this season, especially with southerly winds near FJL for at least the next week.


Speaking 'bout images, 2019 is on a serious contention path to exceed 2012 super melt. As I wrote months ago, the dye was set during the winter just past:


I give 70% likelyhood of 2012 being beaten and a commercial shipping lane near the North Pole to happen.

Robert S

AJBT, I do image to image comparisons looking for colour change - generally gives a reasonable, if broad, indication.


DMI Temp and the 1-day anomaly are extremely interesting today: I must say.


Peterlvmeng, from the forum, did a sattelite comparison of the Laptev for the 11th of June between 2012 and 2019. ( https://forum.arctic-sea-ice.net/index.php/topic,2591.1700.html , reply #1741)

I thought it was interesting how some of the land features of snowless areas were the same... or even worse in 2012... perhaps meaning indicators on land can speak loudly!??!

Yes, but, the point- I suppose- was to try and illustrate the nature of 2019 so I would have to say the Laptev does look interesting. As for the forest fires question posed by Sambucca in the immediately previous post I would have to say: "Soot can cause temperature inversions!:


I don't mean to be incredibly uncredible: but the slater 50 day forecast just took a mean looking dive today...


DMI temp and the one day anomaly are still playing games... although it's only the Laptev part of things and the central basin seems fine.


What happened to Greenland? How unusual is that temperature spike?


Can anyone refute this, (please)?

    "Permafrost has begun thawing in the Canadian Arctic more than 70 years early because of climate change, according to new research.

    A "series of anomalously warm summers” has dramatically accelerated melting rates at three sites despite average annual ground temperatures remaining low. Ponds and hillocks have formed as a result.

    It had been thought that the permafrost - ground that remains frozen for at least two years - would remain until at least 2090.

    But the study found thawing levels were above 150 to 240 per cent above historic levels. "


The trouble I have is with the seemingly assumed knowledge of the third paragraph... Is that third paragraph anywhere near the truth or not?


Greenland, Global Sea Ice and Total Precipitable Water look out of control. Luckily DMI Temp seems to have returned to normal (!??!)


Worldview has a very interesting take on the Lincoln Sea/ Nares Strait debate ... (and personally I'm wondering if Greenland is still even there!!)

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