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Kevin O'Neill

The Boundary Layer Response to Recent Arctic Sea Ice Loss and Implications for High-Latitude Climate Feedbacks J. E. Kay, K. Raeder, A. Gettelman, and J. Anderson


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Comment on behalf of Daniel Bailey:


Here's a feedback affecting the Arctic Sea Ice (flipped a coin over the category to place it in):

Observed low cloud increase in Arctic is positive feedback to warming through sea ice loss

Arctic low cloud changes as observed by MISR and CALIOP: Implication for the enhanced autumnal warming and sea ice loss - Wu & Lee (2012)

"Retreat of Arctic sea ice extent has led to more evaporation over open water in summer and subsequent cloud changes in autumn. Studying recent satellite cloud data over the Arctic Ocean, we find that low (0.5–2 km) cloud cover in October has been increasing significantly during 2000–2010 over the Beaufort and East Siberian Sea (BESS).

This change is consistent with the expected boundary layer cloud response to the increasing Arctic evaporation accumulated during summer. Because low clouds have a net warming effect at the surface, October cloud increases may be responsible for the enhanced autumnal warming in surface air temperature, which effectively prolong the melt season and lead to a positive feedback to Arctic sea ice loss.

Thus, the new satellite observations provide a critical support for the hypothesized positive feedback involving interactions between boundary layer cloud, water vapor, temperature, and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean."

Wu, D. L., and J. N. Lee (2012), Arctic low cloud changes as observed by MISR and CALIOP: Implication for the enhanced autumnal warming and sea ice loss, J. Geophys. Res., 117, D07107, doi:10.1029/2011JD017050

Ari Jokimäki

Some Arctic related paperlists from my blog:

Kevin McKinney



Indeed. Thanks a lot, Ari! Your website is the inspiration for this subsection.

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